Thursday, September 20, 2012

Free Boxes

This is just a short post to say how much I love free boxes. They are great places to find used things that you may have wanted before. Even though 80 percent of the free boxes you look in will have nothing interesting keep your eye open! one day you might find a real treasure. 

For example, in the middle of the summer when I was walking to a friends house i saw a free box and passed it by without much thought. Later, when I passed it on the way home I thought it would not hurt to have a look. In the box I found a Calvin Klein sweater that was as good as new! it was amazing. Then just a few weeks ago walking to school I spotted another free box but it was huge and mainly stuffed animals and since I was a little late I decided not to stop. On the way home i saw the edge of a book poking out through the stuffed animals and pulled it out to see what it was. I was very excited to find that it was the hard cover edition of Bobbi Browns Teenage Beauty which I was about to order on amazon. 

It also goes the other way. If you have old clothing, books, jewelry or anything instead of throwing it away, put it in a free box outside. One girls trash is another girls treasure.