Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Georgi and Willows: A Fantastic Find

This morning I discovered an amazing little store called Georgi and Willows. It is an upscale thrift shop that sells barely-used clothing, shoes, and handbags as well as new and used jewelry at amazing prices. This store has just opened, and I was very impressed by the range of clothing that it held. With brands from Gucci to Forever21, and styles ranging from vintage to futuristic, this store really does have something for everyone. 

My Favorite thing about the store was its accessories. They had great bags and shoes, but I was especially impressed with the jewelry. The jewelry collection included simple pearl necklaces, silver rings and gold watches, but also impressive statement jewelry including a giant sea horse cameo ring, a big gold medallion ring with multicolored stones, and a long necklace with a locket almost the size of my hand. This collection also included many other statement pieces including a silver bangle with an elephants head sticking off of it.

Another reason I like this store is because it is an upscale Goodwill, which means all the proceeds go to Goodwill, so when you buy at Georgi and Willows you are helping people. I also like second hand clothing, because throwing clothing is such a waste of materials, and often clothing that people do not want is exactly what somebody else wants. 

I am very excited that this store has opened and is walking distance from my house, and I recommend Georgi and Willows to anybody who is looking for cheap fashionable designer clothing or jewelry.


  1. Can't wait to go and see what they have in this store. Great idea on the part of Goodwill.

  2. Sounds amazing. I will have to try it out.