Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Rise of Patriotic Clothing

The moment I arrived in England three weeks ago, I noticed Olympic themed clothing everywhere. In the united states there has been a trend of wearing the American flag or the Union Jack, but it has not been as popular in England as it is this year. This is probably because the Olympics are taking place in London. As well as the London 2012 Olympics official clothing there has also been a rise in normal clothing and bags printed with the Union Jack. When I went into Accessorize, a British accessory store, I noticed that they have a whole new collection of bags and scarves featuring the flag. Not only flags are becoming more popular, but also more red white and blue is starting to appear in stores. 

Though I do sometimes like to wear a Union Jack shirt, the patriotic trend is not one that I would normally chose to wear, but i do think it is great that people are supporting team GB with what they wear. I also think that the fact that one event like the Olympics can create a whole new trend shows that fashion is not only about what the fashion industry creates for us to wear, but it is also about how people want to express how they feel, by wearing what they feel shows their mood and personality.

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  1. It's such a turnaround to celebrate the British flag. When I was your age, the Union Jack was tainted by its use as a symbol of far right politics. I like the atmosphere of positive national pride which the Olympics seems to have brought.