Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fall and Winter Trends

Here in California it is much to hot to be thinking about fall and winter fashion, yet designers have already released their winter collections on the runways. This post is a review of some of my favorite and least favorite trends that popped up on the runway. 

One of the garments that appeared most in these collections was the over-sized coat. Coats that were long, had dropped shoulders or were padded like a pillow all appeared in runway shows for designers such as Chloe, Yves Saint Laurent, Diane Von Furstenberg and Stella McCartney. I personally love coats and jackets so I especially like this trend. I think it is a good mix between comfort and fashion, and will be a great opportunity for those fashionistas who aren't comfortable wearing form fitting clothes.

One of the trends which I was not so keen on was the layering of dresses and skirts over pants.  If the skirt was short and was worn with a coat of the same fabric so it looked like the skirt was an extension of the coat, it was possible for the outfit to be clean and polished, but when a knee length or longer skirt was worn with long loose trousers I thought it made the outfit look messy. I do think that if the designers had made the pants more fitted, the trend could have been one I liked.

I also did not like the neon orange, pink and yellow fur coats that appeared on the runways. I thought that the neon colors made the coats look cheap, While the coats in deeper red, orange, purple and pink along with the baby blue coats were just as eye catching as the neon ones and looked very expensive and fashionable. 

I loved the accessories trends that popped up on the runways. From the crazy funky heels, to the over-sized bags and the glitzy unusual clutches there was something for everyone to love. My favorite accessory trend was leather gloves. Coming in all different colors the gloves were like second skin and looked especially amazing topped with a glitzy bracelet or ring. The gloves were so elegant that they dresses up any outfit they were worn with.

With many more trends ranging from country style clothing to leather to prints made of optical illusions there really is a trend for everybody this winter.   


  1. Totally agree about neon. Can't get my head around it at all...

    Personally I like dresses/skirts over pants, but I haven't seen the fall collections yet so would need to reserve judgement.

  2. Love the idea of oversized coats, much warmer than the close-fitting skimpy ones.
    I agree with Alison D, skirts/dresses over pants is a look I'd like to rock.