Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lip Color Trends For Fall

The lip color trends for this Fall are very different than those for the summer. This summer orange, coral and gold lip gloss and lipstick was very popular. This fall we are looking at a darker more sophisticated collection of colors. Those of you who love red lipstick will be happy to know that crimson is a big color this year. We have already seen crimson lips on many of the Milan runways and I suspect we will be seeing many more before the season is out. For those people who don't like to wear red, I recommend dark deep pinks and dusty rose colored lips that will have the same drama as red while being a little more natural. Tarte LipSurgence matte lip tint in hope is a great red alternative.

Nude lips are also in this season. I like nude lips because I think is you want to draw more attention to your eye makeup they are perfect. they also go with anything. I like Hourglass extreme sheen high shine lip gloss in child which is an opaque peachy nude color, and Lorac couture shine liquid lipstick which is a very pale pink color.

Purple is by far the most hard to wear lip color this season and I think that it will mainly show up in high fashion events, not every day life. If you want to have a more purple lip I recommend more of a nude mauve color. Bite beauty has a beautiful mauve lip gloss that I love and recommend for any one wanting to try a more purple lip.

As for transitioning into fall from summer I like pink lip gloss with gold flecks. It is a fun color that is perfect for the warm end of summer weather but also works for a more fun lip in the winter time.


  1. It is really interesting hearing all the new fashion trends from a fun, fresh point of view. I love reading these different views of fashion.

  2. I love nude lips. I also love the Lorac Couture liquid lipstick.