Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Makeup Essentials

Recently I purchased a makeup set from Lorac that I am really excited about. It is called the Real Life to Red Carpet Natural to Dramatic Face Tutorial. It includes a baked eyeshadow trio with a light champagne color, a bronze color and a dark brown color, a liquid eyeliner pen, mascara, blush, and liquid lipstick. I love this set because it has most of the makeup essentials that any makeup wearer should have. This kit as well as a good foundation and concealer as well as a few lip glosses is really all the makeup you need. I love makeup because it is so fun, so I have much more makeup than just these essentials, but these are the things I use all the time. If you are a person who is confused about what makeup to wear or how to wear it I recommend you take a look at this kit. It has really helped me de-clutter my counter top and make my makeup routine a lot shorter.

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  1. Is the concealer good for all skin types?